To help trade professionals achieve longer lasting results, Dulux Trade has launched new-to-market formulations of its Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell paints. The new formulations reportedly reduce the risk of flashing and picture framing, and the two emulsions now feature anti-fade technology which protects colour pigments to slow down the effects of UV rays and pollutants.

Part of the Dulux Trade Diamond range, they provide protection against scrubs, scuffs and stains as well as stain repellent technology that is said to mimic the water-resistant properties of leaves to repel wet stains.

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Get the professional finish at home with Trade Paint __ Professionals always know where to find the best products, and painters and decorators are no exception. As well as being trained in the skill of paint application, painters and decorators use only top quality products to get the perfect finish every time. Rather than heading to their local B&Q, professionals head to the trade centres and trade paint – so, is trade paint better quality?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, In this article we expose the differences between retail and trade paint, when you should opt for Trade, and take look at the top Trade brands in the UK.

A look at the best trade paint brands __ The top brands in retail paints also have trade lines for decorators and professionals. Armstead, Crown, Dulux, Leyland, and Johnstone’s are 5 of the best trade paint brands in the UK.  Below are some of their top selling products:

RETAIL PAINT – For colour and smaller jobs

Retail paint is designed for the amateur. They provide adequate quality for the homeowner or renovator whose focus is colour rather than a professional finish. If you are updating a room, paint form the top interior brands is perfectly suitable for your needs. These paints are also available in smaller quantities, allowing for smaller jobs with little wastage. Whether emulsion of gloss for trim, you can produce a finish you’ll be pleased with.

If You Want To Paint Like A Pro, Don’t Cut Corners – Paint Them!

Cutting corners is the worst you can do if you want to achieve a perfect layer of paint. Even trade paint won’t hide the tracks of neglected surface preparation or use of cheap, low quality equipment. Proper surface preparation includes sanding old paint or removing wallpaper, and making sure the surface is free of dust and other contaminants. If the surface is damaged and has cracks and gaps on it, those should be filled and the filler let dry before applying any paint.

Leyland Trade’s Acrylic Eggshell Joins Hardwearing Range

Leyland Trade has announced that Acrylic Eggshell – a paint designed to deliver a durable, mid-sheen finish on interior surfaces – has joined its range of Hardwearing products.

The paint is formulated with tough acrylic resin, making it stain and moisture resistant, while also offering a washable and easy-to-clean finish once dry – helping the paint look like new for longer.

Designed specifically to offer superior durability, the paint has also been rigorously tested. When scrubbed 200 times over a period of approximately five minutes, only three microns of paint were removed – that’s the equivalent of one tenth of a human hair! Which is why it’s perfect paint for high traffic areas..

The paint’s durability, combined with its quick drying time, ease of application and low odour, means it is suitable for use in a range of environments, including kitchens, bathrooms, schools, hospitals and more.

Marketing manager at Leyland Trade, said: “We are constantly striving to improve the products and services we offer and by introducing Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell to our product range, we can ensure our customers have access to a highly durable, mid-sheen paint with simple application and fantastic coverage.”

The paint is suitable for use on walls and ceilings, as well as primed wood and metal, and can be tinted to more than 16,000 colours.

For more information about Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell: Click on Services, Scroll to Trade and Choose Leyland Trade in our Paintshop Website.

Leyland Trade Paint Project Guide

Leading trade paint brand Leyland is continuing its drive to supply professional decorators and tradesmen with all the tools they need to succeed with the launch of a brand new Project Guide. The easy-to-use guide is designed to demystify the paint selection process and will point users in the direction of the best product they need for the job by answering only a few simple questions about the area they are painting.

The project guide features handy tabs that will help identify the area in question, as well as plenty of top tips and best practice advice so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. To get you hands on a copy pick one up at your local leyland stockist.

For more information on Leyland and its comprehensive product range please visit www.leylandtrade.com and find your nearest Paint Shop.

Leyland Truguard Pliolite

Leyland Trade Pliolite based Masonry product to provide quick rain resistance, enabling painters and decorators to confidently schedule exterior projects all year round. With unpredictable weather conditions making it difficult to plan masonry jobs, Leyland Trade has equipped its popular water-based Smooth Masonry paint with Quick Rain Resistance technology, making it rain resistant after just 20 minutes. It can also be applied from temperatures as low as -5C allowing all season application. In a recent survey 71% of decorators said that bad weather was the biggest problem when working on masonry jobs, with 89% having turned down exterior jobs because of the time of year and of the masonry jobs they do book, around a 1/3 end up having to be postponed because of the threat of rain. With masonry work making up a 1/5 of the average professional’s workload according to the research, decorators are missing out on a substantial number of jobs because of the weather either side of summer. At the moment, only 11% of decorators say they would feel completely confident doing masonry painting jobs in March, 1/3 in April and a 1/4 in October. naturally the peak summer months – June, July and August – were much more favourable, with an average of 87%. This is because with standard masonry paints, showers can often cause run-outs which ruin the finish. However Leyland Trade Masonry paint works by improving the binding process, ensuring new paint work quickly becomes rain resistant and delivers the desired finish.

Ralph Russell, R J Russell Decorators Ltd, said “Traditionally, the majority of painters and decorators wouldn’t even contemplate masonry work outside of the spring or summer months – especially given the unpredictability of the weather in the UK. However, the market is growing and there’s greater pressure than ever on decorators to take on exterior work all year round. With our improved Smooth Masonry paint, they can do just that!”